An anti-trans group cites a source

A miracle has happened: Youth Trans Critical Professionals, a sham organization opposed to trans rights, has cited a source! Let the clowds part and the angels sing; Hallelujah!

Oh, except that “source” is a tweet:

Children taught in schools to either adhere to strict gender stereotypes or view themselves as the opposite sex’ @cwknews

Still, progress? It’s better than making page after page of untrue statements like the following without anything to back them up:

Even though there is no evidence that gender identity is innate, in the UK wherever we look, politicians, policy makes and practitioners are indoctrinating the public with this view.

No evidence? Indoctrination is happening? Back it up.

If this sounds harsh, consider this: YTCP claims to be a collection of doctors, social workers and other professionals; yet they refuse to share the name or identity of a single member. And they directly address parents of transgender children in their posts – they’re lying to scared, confused parents, with the stated goal of helping parents opposed to “the trans cult” trust that decision instead of their child or medical professionals.

YTCP claims they “are keen to extend [their] contact with other youth trans critical professionals,” yet they don’t provide instructions for professionals who wish to make contact. Keen, indeed – I’m calling bull.

This group is being cited as a medical authority online: please keep an eye out and call bull when you see it.

See my earlier story, ACP Isn’t the Only Anti-Trans Front Group , for more.

If you have feedback – especially if you’re part of YTCP or have interacted with them – let me know in the comments and I’ll do my best to include your feedback in a future post.

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