You can help stop a notorious anti-LGBTQ bully

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I sent the email to Facebook and Google with petition results included. I’ll continue providing updates as things develop.

If anybody would like to discuss next steps, please reach out to me. If you haven’t signed the petition please sign it now, as additional signatures could help in future communications with Facebook and Google.

I’m grateful to everyone who’s already signed, and especially to @ThatSabineGirl, who’s been lending her time, credibility and stature to stopping this blogger.


A notorious blogger makes a regular practice of posting photos, names and ages of children who are apparently on the verge of coming out as transgender. (Details below.)



Sign the petition – it’s one click and you can remain anonymous if you choose.


This individual uses multiple platforms (Facebook, Google+, Blogger, YouTube) to post names, ages and photos of what seem to be transgender children who may or may not have gone public with their gender identities.

This outing/“doxing” incredibly disempowering, harmful and dangerous; and it can lead to these children being kicked from their homes, assaulted or even driven to suicide. As it is transgender children are at high risk for all of these things.

It’s often best to ignore online bullies. But this user is:

Dangerous – Google Image Search makes it possible to start with any photo and find every website that photo appears on, meaning anyone (a parent, a school administrator, a parole officer, a person doing a background check) can start with a yearbook photo and find one of this person’s pages

Hurtful – Numerous people have expressed online that they’ve been hurt or triggered by this person’s bullying

Hateful – This person posts pictures of transgender youth next to photos of Auschwitz, as if to imply LGBT youth is like the Holocaust. One of her YouTube videos contains the phrase “Death To All [gender identity group]” – an incitement to murder

Influential – Dozens of websites link to this person’s pages. Her social media posts are widely shared. Shockingly, many of the people share this hate as something that’s positive. There have been more Google searches for this person in the last 12 months than there have been for Gender Identity Watch, a well-known group that’s been associated in national LGBT media with outing transgender youth.

I don’t want to further spread these children’s personal information so unfortunately I’m not able to share this person’s information, but transgender children’s activist @ThatSabineGirl knows the identity of this blogger and agrees she should be stopped:


An example of this blogger’s work is below. The blurred pictures are of children; the blurred text is their names.


This person is causing serious harm and needs to be stopped now. We also need to show that this kind of bullying won’t be tolerated on the Internet. I’ve submitted complaints using Google’s and Facebook’s online forms but no action has been taken yet. When we do get these companies to take this user down we need to make sure she’s taken down for good.

For the latest news on this go to or

I welcome feedback and assistance at

If you know of someone else who’s bullying LGBT youth online, please report it to the Crash Override Network:

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